PhoeniX Software supports organisations worldwide to improve quality, reduce time to market and enhance research by offering unique and highly integrated software solutions, training and customer support. Our customers are active in integrated photonics, microfluidics, MEMS, printed electronics and other micro and nano technologies.

Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing Automation
  • Wafer tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Equipment booking, maintenance and billing

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Design Solutions

Design Solutions
  • Chip and mask layout
  • Integrated photonics simulations
  • Process flow visualisation

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Design Kits

Design Kits
  • Silicon photonics
  • InP
  • TriPleX
  • Packaging templates

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Did you know?

FlowDesigner is capable of exporting process flow steps into a HTML file. It gives access to all the associated pictures and a webpage which can be displayed with any modern browser.